• Unidentified Flying Objects

    Test - For the 3rd time in 3 months, a declassified Defense Department movie shows U.S. Navy F-18 fighters apparently encountering UFOs. Oh my gosh, dude, said one pilot in the video of their F\/A-18

  • Flying Object

    Unidentified flying objects are aerial phenomena that can't be readily explained. Most sightings of UFOs end up being explained by airplane, birds, heavenly bodies, or other every day objects. Some

  • Dragon Facts

    Let's discover a few of the most intriguing Komodo dragon facts for children including komodo dragon habitat, diet, reproduction and its distinctive hunting methods. The komodo dragon is a large

  • Flying Myths

    The Maoris, or native New Zealanders, for generations told stories about a giant bird that could swoop down and take away human children. As it turns out, those stories held some truth after all.

  • Dragon Myths

    The Greek word drakn St Michael - Saint Michael is the only angel to have a feast day in the Lutheran calendar and the only angel to have a feast day on any calendar prior to the ninth century. He's